About us

GoSolar! Kidz is the #1 in green energy education for youth. GoSolar! Kidz has enlightened and taught more youth about green energy than any other organization in the world. GSK offers classes, camps, birthday parties, and events focused around solar, wind and gardening.  GSK engages students in playful hands-on learning by incorporating both education and fun.


GoSolar! Kidz was founded in a Minneapolis, MN garage in 2010 by Joaquin Thomas, a young electrical engineer. After purchasing a solar panel from the nearby big box store, Joaquin could not figure out how to use the solar panel.  He called the store where he purchased the solar panel and the store staff could not help him either. He was force to figure out how to use the solar panel from researching on the internet. After doing more research, he found out that most green energy products on the market were complicated to use like the solar panel he bought. Most big box retailers sell green energy products but have no support. GoSolar! Kidz was born out of the need to educate the public about green energy. The founder wanted to educate children about green energy so when they grow up,  green energy will be just as normal and recognized as computers are now.

Our Services

GoSolar! Kidz offers a variety of educational services focused on solar energy, gardening, wind energy, and other green technologies.

We offer:

  • Before and After-school classes

  • Summer Camps

  • In Class Workshop

  • Birthday Parties

  • Special Events

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