After School Classes

GoSolar! Kids offers fun and exciting green energy after school classes. After school classes are one day per week for 1 – 2 hours. Kids will get hands on learning about solar panels, wind mills, gardening, and green energy technologies.

Solar Cars

Design and build solar energy vehicles from easy, LEGO-like, snap-together parts in this exciting class for young tikes. Construct solar-powered motorbikes, helicopters, off-roaders, dragsters, and more. Kids will have a blast running their new gadgets with a remote controller. Let your young one explore the sun–GoSolar! style.

Solar Robots

In this workshop, kids can stimulate their creativity by designing and building epic, solar-powered robots from easy-to-assemble parts. In addition, tikes will build solar powered cranes, lift bridges, and many other designs. Let your little engineers explore the world of solar energy while learning how to problem solve and stretch the imagination.

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