Summer Camps 2017

Lets have some fun with the sun. GoSolar! Kidz offers interactive and hands-on green energy activities during the summer. Summer camps are taught by trained exciting instructors.  Typically, full day  camps are 6 hours,  9am – 3pm and half day camps are 3 hours,  9am – Noon. However, times vary based on the school or organization these programs are being offered through. Summer camps allow students extend time for more advanced hands on projects.  For prices and locations, click the CLASS SCHEDULE!


Solar Car, Robot, and Machines

In this class, kids can stimulate their creativity by designing and building epic, solar-powered cars,robots, and machine from easy-to-assemble parts. In addition, your young tikes will build solar powered cranes, lift bridges, and many other designs. Let your little engineers explore the world of solar energy while learning how to problem solve and stretch the imagination.

Solar Gadgets and Gizmos

Ready, Set, Build. In this class, students get their hands dirty for clean energy. Students will be involved in various solar energy activities helping them understand the concepts of solar. At the end, students will build and take home their very own solar kit.

Building Solar Generator

Join us on this fun interactive solar learning experience. Students will learn exactly how solar electric system works. Than students go through a step-by-step journey of building a their own solar generator. All tools are provided! When completed, take your solar generator home and use during camping, outdoor sporting events, emergency blackouts or wherever portable power is need.

Wood Hydraulic Machines

Your child will learn how modern day machines that use levers and hydraulics to operate. Than, they will make those machines using wood and simple items. Your tike will make dump trucks, robotic arms, back hoes, scissor lifts, and cherry pickers just to name a few.

Remote Control Wood Planes

Up, up and away! Build fun model planes and helicopters. Your young tike will have a blast building model scale remote control planes and helicopters. When students are done building, they will fly their newly built woodplane with s remote control. In the end, students will take home a mini wood plane of their own.

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